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Build Strong Leadership Traits in Today’s Tuned-out World

It’s one of the biggest challenges facing business executives today. Fifty percent of Americans are not engaged at work. This means they’re not fully paying attention, which makes them less productive.

This startling fact comes from a 2013 Gallup study that includes 25 million responses.

How do you cut through this problem and inspire your workforce to be at their best? The solution is developing transformational leadership skills and enhancing your executive presence.

The end result will be greater employee engagement and a more vibrant business culture.

What steps are involved in making such a dynamic change? Of course it’s through focused executive development and leadership programs. Yet you might be surprised to learn it starts with being able to tell a good story.

Master the Power of Executive Storytelling

It’s a universal truth that applies to everyone in all walks of life at any age. People absolutely love hearing great stories.

We love watching films with stories that captivate, inspire and move us emotionally. Many are keen on reading stories, sometimes returning to them again and again. Who is the most fun to be around within our circle of friends? Of course…the person who tells the best stories.

Executive storytelling is an incredibly powerful tool that all too often is overlooked. Don’t make this mistake because stories are the best way to get others to relate to your point of view.

Master the art of creating engaging stories and watch your executive presence soar!

To move and persuade other executives and create employee engagement, it’s essential to develop a core group of stories that:

  • Reveal your true authentic self
  • Show you’ve experienced challenges similar to your audience
  • Inspire and move people into positive actions
  • Demonstrate results that were achieved through strategic execution
  • And much more

Remember… whoever tells the best stories wins. Grow your influence and career while having fun doing it. That’s the best kind of ‘benefit’ there is.

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