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Want Results? Go For These Monsters of Influence + Storytelling

October 31, 2014 6:37 am | Published by | Leave a Comment

Share:   by Amazing monsters of influence have a distinct set of qualities. This presentation showcases the skills you can expect to find in influential monsters. Don’t be… Source: Article Link:  Happy Halloween everyone! Just for fun, I found this timely SlideShare that identifies all the essential qualities for being influential. Oh, and BTW — they are also the qualities of fabulous storytelling. Want to change the world? Then keep this list handy. And each quality is framed as a “Monster” for the holiday — as in “these are monsters to embrace, because they will bring you results in monster proportions”. And that’s a good thing :)) Have fun! This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content... View Article »

Halloween Stories: How Pumpkins Became “Jack O’ Lanterns” + Last Minute Costume Ideas

October 30, 2014 8:14 am | Published by | Leave a Comment

Share:   by The name “Jack O’ Lantern” was originally one of the numerous names given to ignis fatuus (Medieval Latin for “foolish fire”), another of which is “Will O’ the Wisps”, basically the odd light that can occasionally be seen over marshes, swamps, and the like. “Jack O’ Lantern” first popped up being used this way around the mid-17th century in East Anglia, UK and spread from there through parts of England, Ireland, and Scotland. Source: It’s Halloween tomorrow and time for some fun! I’ve got a list here of cool posts I’ve found to help us celebrate this favorite holiday. All Things Pumpkin First up is the story about how carved pumpkins became known as ‘Jack o’lanterns’. It’s... View Article »

What Almost Everyone Misses in Brand #Storytelling: Five Parts

October 29, 2014 11:27 am | Published by | Leave a Comment

Share:   by If an organization is effectively doing brand storytelling, it’s likely they stop with way too soon. Here are five parts every story must include. Source: Author Gini Dietrich writing for the Spin Sucks blog gets it right with this post. Companies churn out tons of content, call it storytelling, and it usually misses the mark. Her list of 5 critical parts every story needs will help fix this if companies are willing to put in the effort. The only piece I would add is to augment tip 5 — The Protagonist. Dietrich mentions that you, your company, your product, or your service is the protagonist. But it is also essential to add your customer in as the... View Article »

Good Storytelling–Why Your Brain Loves It

October 29, 2014 11:13 am | Published by | Leave a Comment

Share:   by Studying the neuroscience of compelling communication. Source: Article Link:  Here is an Harvard Business Review (HBR) article from researcher Paul Zak with more information about the neuroscience behind why stories work so well. Zak explains the latest they have found in their brain research on storytelling. It’s good stuff! And we now know more about what stories produce in the brain. LOL — we’ve known storytelling works because it’s been around for 100,000 years. Now science can tell us why. And now when I work with clients I often have to start with the science of storytelling so people will accept that storytelling works. This just goes to prove Zak’s point that we always want to know... View Article »

Storytelling Neuroscience — Rethinking Training + Online Courses

October 28, 2014 1:20 pm | Published by | Leave a Comment

Share:   by How can the neuroscience of storytelling help you create online courses? Source: This article by Ahmed Mori of SchoolKeep is written for educators but applies to anyone in business doing training or delivering online courses. There are great points made here about: your brain on stories tips to take advantage of storytelling and a few cautionary thoughts Here is what I like about the post: There is a clear research example given confirming that storytelling process both sensory parts of the brain while concurrently stimulating language processing areas. That stories do more than inform or entertain — they stimulate critical thinking skills, capture non-linear situation complexities, and construct new knowledge. There is such a thing as bad... View Article »

Why Any Leader Should Embrace Story Listening Before Storytelling

October 27, 2014 12:20 pm | Published by | Leave a Comment

Share:   by “What I’ve seen is a leader doesn’t start with storytelling, they start with story listening.” -John Maeda, Design Partner, KPCB During the past two years, B2C as well as B2B marketing leader… Source: Article Link:  B2B companies must engage in storytelling to enhance their growth, says author Tony Zambito. That’s not new news to us — and in fact, applies to all businesses. But what I particularly like about this article is how Zambito focuses on developing the skill of story listening in order to make that B2B growth happen. The author shares a video from John Maeda who does a fabulous job talking about how story listening always comes first for leaders — of any kind,... View Article »

Give Awesome Presentations With These 5 Storytelling Tips

October 27, 2014 12:03 pm | Published by | Leave a Comment

Share:   by Get your audience’s attention and keep them engaged with these tips on public speaking. Source: Article Link:  Here is what I like about this article: the concrete examples of stuff most people say in a presentation that doesn’t work, and then rewrites to show how to storify that statement, or share a story instead.   Delivering great presentations takes lots of practice and delivering occasional duds. Yet if you follow the advice here in this article, you can nail it every single time. (**Secret: the same tips apply to creating awesome blogs)   I really like the example of how to turn a statistic into a story. After incorporating these tips, I hope all your presentations are... View Article »

The Story Of Oreo: How An Old Cookie Reinvented Itself

October 24, 2014 10:54 am | Published by | Leave a Comment

Share:   by In 2013, Oreo changed its image, and maybe changed advertising, with a real-time marketing coup. Source: Article Link:  This is a long read to enjoy over the weekend. It’s the fascinating story about how the marketers in charge of the Oreo cookie transformed themselves from boring bureaucratic old school to hip modern and savvy branders.   The story is full of intrigue and contains many lessons in why organizations, marketing, new ideas, and storytelling fails. And in the end, the group was victorious.   Plus here’s another take-away: when I run across companies who say “We tried storytelling and it just didn’t work,” it’s usually all the dynamics cited in this article that are the real reasons... View Article »

5 Must Know Tips to Telling a Great Story

October 24, 2014 10:08 am | Published by | Leave a Comment

Share:   by I’m sure you’ve been at an interview or a dinner party or a fundraiser and someone asks…”tell me about yourself”. Most of us define ourselves by the list of things we have done, the places we’ve been, the schools we’ve attended. But that’s not who we are. We are a collection of stories, not fables,… Read more » Source: Article Link:   Here’s a quick article for our Friday with really good tips for better storytelling.   I like how the author, LeeAndra K starts first with figuring out who the real character is of the story, and then focusing on defining the problem and struggle. This is so much better than trying to adhere to a... View Article »