Supercharge Your Marketing With My Content Curation Workshop

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curationEasily Grow Your Business With Content Curation!

Don’t miss this complete how-to hands-on workshop in July 2014, facilitated by yours truly in San Diego, CA.

Curating content can lead to life-changing book deals, speaking gigs, collaborations and more business.

Presented by Falco Strategics and taught by Karen Dietz, Learn To in this interactive workshop. platform is a curation platform that delivers awesome marketing power that is amazingly efficient for any size business or brand, and cost effective!

Benefits include:

  1. Expert status
  2. Amplified visibility
  3. Captivated audience
  4. Website traffic
  5. Targeted virtual networking
  6. Viral potential
  7. Solid branding

San Diego marketing workshop July 14, 2014

computer trainingContent Curation Workshop Details (Limited to 10 Attendees) Karen Dietz, globally ranked seasoned curator, business storyteller and leadership speaker is your hands-on instructor for this workshop.

You will learn exactly how to maneuver all of’s features and functions, including:

  1. Account set-up
  2. Determining your expert topic
  3. How to find the best material
  4. Telling your story — bringing out your unique voice
  5. How to curate that generates results
  6. Social sharing and community building
  7. Curation etiquette that builds win-win relationships
  8. Analytics, cross promotion, and more

Each participant will leave knowing exactly how to maintain their curation for maximum exposure in their niche. This intimate hands-on workshop is designed to empower you to become a successful curator.

happy peopleIf you want to reach a national audience and international audience, you should be on! Imagine finding new customers through Or a book publisher. Or becoming a TED speaker. It could happen… they all found Karen Dietz that way!

Whatever your expertise is — this is the platform to be on. If you were to take time to learn the platform on your own, you would spend countless hours pouring over videos, tutorials, how-to’s and more… and most likely walk away discouraged.

By joining us, you can get on the fast track, knowing confidently that you are doing the right thing! Take advantage of this special opportunity to get your name, brand, and mission SUPERCHARGED.

Event Info:

  • Date: Friday July 25th, 2014 Time: 9:45AM – 3:00PM
  • Location: Hera Hub – Sorrento Valley Bites: Water and coffee will be served
  • Cost: $399.00 — includes one 1:1 follow-up Skype training session with Karen Dietz for 45 minutes focused on YOUR success on Scoop.It!

Questions? If you have any questions, please contact Karen at dietz.karen at gmail dot com

Call Marc to register at 619-354-6111 or online at

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